Health insurance companies

Health insurance is something really needful for everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy life. If you take care of your health and do regular screenings you will most probably have a long and happy life. The statistics show that every euro given for screenings today saves people thousands of euro for medical treatment later in case of a problem.

Health insurance is a really important issue, but even more important is how to choose among all the health insurance companies available on the market. What are the criteria that will give us the answer to the question – which one will be my health insurance company?

Perhaps the first thing to consider about all the health insurance companies are the medical facilities the given company has contracts with. Whether these hospitals, hospices or polyclinics are close enough to your home, work or school? Will it be easy for to go there in case of an emergency or when you go for the regular check-up?

Another very important thing when we choose from all the health insurance companies is the range of health problems whose treatment is covered by the company. Does the insurance cover everything or some diseases are excluded? For example, some health insurance companies don’t cover the cancer treatment, mental illnesses and other health problems.

Another important point that we need to consider when choosing an insurance company is the flexibility of the offered packages. Of course we all want to pay only for the things that interest us and save costs by screening or insurance for certain diseases which don’t bother us. The more choices the company offers us, the better it is.

A very important point is the terms of payment for the treatment and the percentage of the excess of the payment that is required from us. The deadline for payment of treatment varies for different health insurance companies. The shorter it is, the better.

Last, but not least comes the limit that some health insurance companies impose on the treatment costs. This should be carefully considered as you may be heavily disappointed if you suddenly have to pay for a part of the treatment.

When you are ready with the answers to all of these questions, then you can safely choose your insurance company. You probably won’t regret it.

Health insurance

If the debate for or against the voluntary health insurance rises ever again, it could hardly be particularly useful for the society. The benefits of the voluntary health insurance are obvious enough and its promotion among the people should be the main task of each ministry of health in the world.

What are the main benefits of this kind of health insurance?

First of all, it means a quicker access to medical care. One of the greatest achievements of modern society is that everyone can have a good enough medical care. The implications of this are easy to be seen, especially with the constantly rising age for both men and women.

Apart from this, the presence of health insurance in almost all cases means regular screenings. Almost every doctor in the world says that the best cure of all diseases is prevention combined with an early diagnosis. Almost all serious diseases are curable if they are spotted in time.

Another great advantage of the voluntary health insurance is mostly associated with mothers and young children. Almost all plans of various health insurance companies include monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth. This leads to reducing of problematic pregnancies, and diseases in children and it significantly reduces the rate of infant mortality.

Of course, the voluntary health insurance has its opponents. They emphasize the reluctance of insurance companies to include subscriptions to certain very heavy and prolonged illnesses. These are, unfortunately, various cancers, mental illnesses, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and many others. Surely, these arguments are logical, but hardly for a purely economic disadvantage – the reluctance of insurance companies to engage in these serious diseases, should lead to a denial of the whole system.

Another argument against this type of health insurance is the higher price offered by the insurers. However, it is still a matter of choice. The market also helps people by mediocre competition mechanisms which reduce the prices and increase the possibilities of subscription packages that everyone can afford.

Arguments for or against the voluntary health insurance can be many, but the fact that today we can see a healthier population speak for itself about the methods that contribute for better access to health care. The voluntary health insurance is without any doubt one of the main methods to achieve this.